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Dryer duct in the attic

While on an inspection the other day I observed a water spot on the ceiling of a 2nd floor bedroom. The roof and siding were in good condition and there wasn’t any plumbing in the attic above it. The client ask what could that be coming form?       When I go into the…

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So, You’r selling your house!

  So, your house has been on the market for a while and you get a call from you agent! We have an offer (yea). The offer looks good and you accept it.   You will have a Home Inspection!   Let me help you prepare for it. The most important thing you can do…

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Attic Ventilation

The primary purpose of Attic Ventilation is to remove moisture. Let’s be clear, though attic venting will remove some heat, the primary purpose for ventilation is to remove moisture, not heat. When I refer to “moisture” I am referring to water vapor. When water vapor condenses it turns into liquid water. Excess moisture in the…

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Phase Change

Amount of energy needed for phase change of water A lot of energy is needed to change the state of a substance. For our purpose I will use water. 1 Lb of liquid water @ 32° F takes 180 BTU to get to 212° F liquid water. 1 Lb of liquid water @ 212° F…

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Flushing your water heater

Flushing your water heater regularly can increase the life of the appliance by removing gunky settlement that can rot the bottom of the tank. !!! I don’t recommend starting this process on a tank older than 5 years of age. Corrosion may have started in the bottom of the tank.        Flushing the…

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