Hi, I’m Daniel Dodge, Owner and Inspector at Top Notch Home Inspections.

I want to help you choose your home inspector. Buying your home is likely the largest transaction you will ever be involved in – you want to do it right the first time.

I want to make sure you are armed with the information you need, no matter which inspector you choose to work with.

It’s worthwhile to take a little time and choose the right inspector.

Many realtors will want you to use “their guy”. The question is who is “their guy” working for? A good realtor will have your back and recommend a very good inspector. And should this house not be the one, they’ll keep looking until they find your HOME.

Some realtors on the other hand want an “inspection lite” to close the deal. Either way you will want to interview the inspector you are going to use. Is this the right guy/gal for you?

Ask them lots of questions and “chat” with them a while. This is a good way of getting to know someone – talk to them! How well do you interact with them during your talk? If they don’t have time for your questions now, how will they have time for you later? If they are performing an inspection when you call them, they should ask to call you back – that’s not only ok, but good. Their priorities are on the house they’re inspecting NOW !


Here’s a sample of some questions to ask:

Why should I hire you?    When I get asked this question, I answer – Because I work for you and I want you to understand your new home before you buy it!

What is there professional background? Were they a tradesman? Do they understand houses from the inside out?

Are they active in professional organizations?

How do they get their Continuing Education credits?  and how much time do they spend on improving their knowledge.

What does there report look like?  Can you review a sample copy?  Is it easy to understand?  Is finding the major issues easy?

How do they inspect roofs – do they walk on them or use binoculars?

Do they crawl in the crawlspace?

How long will the inspection take?  I will typically take between 3-5 hours.

Ask the inspector if they go above and beyond the standards of practice!

Does the inspector encourage you to follow him/her around and ask questions? You can learn more about your new home and how to keep it in good shape from an inspector than from anywhere else. A good inspector will want you there because it’s critical to a thorough understanding of the house.

Are they patient with your questions?  Do they sound knowledgeable?  Do they answer you in terms you can understand?

Your inspector should tell you everything there is to know about your new home, while some of which you may not want to hear. Our job is for you to know now, rather than the hard way, after you’ve moved in.

For my answers to these questions and more, explore my website or better yet give me a call. I would love to talk with you.

Call Dan at 301-487-3933.