While on an inspection the other day I observed a water spot on the ceiling of a 2nd floor bedroom. The roof and siding were in good condition and there wasn’t any plumbing in the attic above it. The client ask what could that be coming form?




When I go into the attic I will find out. I noticed the laundry was in the bedroom hallway.








When I got into the attic and went to the area with the stain, there was the dryer duct. Hard wall galvanized duct. A seam in the duct was right over the stain. Found the issue.






The exhaust from the dryer is warm and very moist, add Ice cold winter weather and the warm moist dryer exhaust had condensed into liquid water and consequently leaked onto the ceiling. Dryer duct is definitely no good for keeping water in.







The solution is an easy one –


seal and insulate the duct.



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