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Sample Report

Now you’ve had your inspection, It’s time to look at your report.

The home inspection report is the most important part of your home inspection. This document should accomplish several things:

Identify the defects in the house your looking to purchase.

Explain what the issue is, why it is a defect and what action should be taken.

Document the components and systems in the house.

The report should be easy to read

Closed house conditions for a Radon test

By topnotch | December 19, 2017 | Comments Off on Closed house conditions for a Radon test

Closed building conditions and air circulation. Since radon and its decay products can fluctuate from hour to hour and season to season the following recommendations for closed building conditions and air circulation were developed by the EPA to provide standardized conditions under which a short-term radon survey is to be performed in order to reduce…

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